Tamar Katz is a performance, video and social artist. Born in 1989 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel. A BFA graduate from the Interdisciplinary-Art School of Shenkar College in 2014 and an MFA student in Bezalel Academy. Recipient of the 2018 Ministry of Culture award for young artist, the 2017 Adams Award for Young Artist and the 2015 Rabinovich Fund of the Arts grant.

Her works shifts from camera-mediated performance to staged dance, participatory and new-media based performance. Through the act of performing, acting and playing Katz investigates the possibility of intimacy, contact and human friction in contemporary society.

Katz participated in screenings and group exhibitions in Israel and Germany in institutes such as the Tel Aviv Art Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv (CCA) and Jerusalem Film Festival, as well as solo shows and performance in the Artists-Studios Tel Aviv, Bezalel Gallery, Gabirol Gallery and others. In 2017, Katz participated in the Club-Conceptual residency of the Bezalel Academy MFA program.

Artist statement

From a young age I understood I would die without knowing what it means to be someone else. Making art is for me a slow walk alongside permanently irritating questions: in which way do I know another and how do they know me?

The material I work with is people. My work deals with the possibility of intimacy, it’s ambiguous and elusive character and the conditions necessary for it to exist today. A candid and sincere examination of intimate situations has brought me to wonder in which moments do we conceive the other as an object - and, on the other hand, when do we turn into objects ourselves. If in art any phenomenon, action or material can be conceived as an object of art - what is the status of a human being within this objectifying domain? Is there an equivalence between the act of creation and objectification of the other? Does the act of art-making deepen the sense of alienation or rather does it create a new and unifying body-material?

The medium of performance allows me to investigate the moments of communion and their failure, their emergence and demise. Performance enables me to put relations on a pedestal for display, under a spotlight and a magnifying glass, to extract intimate interactions from everyday life and replace them back within it. I stretch the medium’s boundaries, attempting to challenge the definitions of show, stage, experience and play. My work moves from experimental films, to participatory dance performance, live broadcasted performance from different locations, social ceremonies, staged installations and doco-performance. All together, my works are an exploratory journey after alternative intersubjective spaces and the ever changing elusive sense of togetherness. They reveal the fact of us being material in the eyes and hands of others and tests the relational aesthetics embodied in the spectrum between anthropomorphism and objectification. The living body, usually taken to be inherently linked with a human-subject, is hurled in my work into materially and symbolically liminal situations that allow pleasure, voyeurism, play and the unexpected revelation of intimacy.


Born in 1989

Live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.


2018- M.F.A Bezalel Academy

2010—2014 B.F.A Shenkar College for Engineering, Design and Art. Summa Cum Laude



Solo Exhibitions and Performance

2017, MASSAGE, Bezalel MFA Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Carmel Michaeli

2016, SLOW RELEASE, Sadna'ot Ha'Omanim, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Eitan Buganim

2015, AIEKA?, STA Gallery, Tel-Aviv (Collaboration with Omer Goldman)


Group Exhibitions

2018, ViDEOSKiN, Edge Gallery, Yukon, Canada. Curator: Monique Romeiko

BUSINESS, Hanut 31 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tali Kayam

2017, TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Worth Gallery, Shenkar. Curator: Uriel Miron

2015, THE WEDDING, Gabirol Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Eyal Vexler                            

(Collaboration with Omer Goldman)

KARMA SHE – DYSLEXIC EXPERIENCE, CCA, Tel Aviv.                                          

(Collaboration with Carmel Michaeli and Nissim Tretiakov)

2014, REAL-A-STATE, Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art, Jaffa. Curator: Yossi Lampel

BACKGROUND ONLY, B.F.A Thesis Exhibition, Multidisciplinary Art School, Shenkar

2013, UN-UNUSUAL, Elektrohaus, Hamburg. Curator: Til Van Daalen



2018, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, United-Kingdom

Jerusalem Film Festival - Video Art and Experimental Cinema Competition

Epos International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv Art Museum


Grants and Awards

2018, The Ministry of Culture and Sports, Young Artist Award winner

2017, Adams Family Foundation, Young Artist Award winner

2015, Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation, grant recipient